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Although a number of major manufacturers in the auto industry have made a recent commitment to developing Electric Vehicles (EVs), few have shown their seriousness as clearly as Volkswagen. Rather than simply searching online for “electric car dealer near me,” we recommend you consider what you want in a vehicle beyond just its power system. Volkswagen has been an industry leader for decades, with some of the most iconic and beloved vehicles ever to hit the road. And now, with an eye toward the future, there are a number of recent, current, and upcoming EV models available from Volkswagen to really innovate the road ahead.

Here at Auburn Volkswagen, we are pleased to offer a wide range of new and used VW models for you to choose from. This includes the all-new Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Vehicle, which is sure to be one of the most popular electric SUVs on the road, with an impressive rear-motor system that is a lot of fun to drive and easy to charge. Whether you are looking for an older EV model or you want to chat about the ID.BUZZ that VW currently has in the works, we are here to talk and help you find exactly what you need. Come visit us at Auburn Volkswagen today and let us show you the look of the industry’s electric future.

A child is blowing bubbles in a yard in front of a blue 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 while it is charging.

Why Choose an EV Volkswagen?

In 2019, Volkswagen decided to spend $30 billion on the development of EVs over the course of four years, with a goal of 2023 for the completion of this massive investment. To get a sense of just how impressive this commitment to an electric future is, that $30 billion is about the equivalent of VW profits from 2015 to 2018. So this clearly illustrates just how much Volkswagen believes in EV technology and how they view its place going forward. After all, for this investment to be profitable, EV models will need to make up at least 40% of their global sales by 2030.

There are plenty of auto manufacturers out there talking about an electric future, but few have come close to deciding on the kind of investment in building that future that Volkswagen has. What this means is that when you are looking for an electric car dealer near you, it is hard to go wrong with a VW dealership that is a part of this shift toward an EV future. After all, VW dealers are just as committed to seeing through this shift toward impressive and fun EV models as the manufacturer that we represent.

Over the last few years, Volkswagen has developed a number of different EV models as they work their way toward a broader electric lineup. This has led to significant innovation at VW and vehicles that push other manufactures, even major names in the EV market like Tesla, to go further and create something new to try to compete. So whether you are looking for a new VW or a used vehicle, a VW dealership like Auburn Volkswagen is a great place to start as we have a serious commitment to helping our customers find the best EV models available.

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Volkswagen EV Models

Although the current lineup of EV models from Volkswagen has a single vehicle, the ID.4 Electric Vehicle, there have been numerous other models available over the last few years to get to this point. There is also at least one other EV in the works at Volkswagen, which they have talked about and revealed, though initially it will only be offered in European markets. Still, this gives you a terrific selection to consider, whether you want something new or used right now or you plan on switching to an EV in the near future.

VW e-Golf

Although the earliest electric Golf models were actually developed in the 1970s, the modern e-Golf was first released for the 2015 model year. It was a very popular plug-in electric model throughout Europe and the US, selling thousands of units before its production ended just last year.


While it is not available for sale here in the US, sadly, the ID.3 is one of the first vehicles to come out of the 2019 commitment to developing more EV models. The ID.3 is an electric compact hatchback that has so far been released only in Germany, though it is expected to become more widely available to more European markets.

VW ID.4 Electric Vehicle

The Volkswagen that a lot of people are really excited about is the all-new ID.4 Electric Vehicle, which is an all-electric SUV. Not only is this going to be a fantastic option if you want an EV model, but is it going to be available in the US at launch. So if you want an electric SUV, then this is definitely one to look for.


An EV model that is currently in development, the ID.BUZZ is an all-electric successor to the classic VW Microbus and is sure to be a huge success when it becomes available. Unfortunately, for now, it is only planned for European markets, but a lot of drivers are hoping it will come to our shores.

A couple is watching the sunset in the open sliding door of a lime green Volkswagen ID.BUZZ at a beach.

More than Just Your Electric Car Dealer

As important as we consider EV models, we pride ourselves on being more than just the best electric car dealer near you by offering you a comprehensive customer service experience. It starts with our knowledgeable and friendly salespeople who will work closely with you to answer any questions you might have and ensure you get exactly the right vehicle for what you need. Our financing experts have pretty much seen it all, so no matter what your credit or financing situation looks like, we will do everything we can to help you figure out the best way to pay for your vehicle.

Once you drive away happy with your vehicle, however, our relationship with you does not stop there, as we want to see you continue to enjoy your ride for many years to come. Our certified service center is here to help you with everything you need: from routine service and scheduled maintenance to more elaborate repairs. And with our factory parts department, it is easy for us to get the work done on your vehicle promptly and with exactly the right parts. Even if you like working on your car yourself, we can help you with ordering the parts you need.


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